Wall Ties & Masonry Crack Repairs in Portsmouth

We conduct wall tie replacement in Hampshire and the surrounding areas and offer expert masonry crack repair services. Whether your wall ties have corroded and broken down over time, or were incorrectly installed, we can help.





Wall Ties & Masonry Crack Repairs in Portsmouth
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Wall tie failure is a common issue among houses built before the 1980s. Wall ties are It concerns are metal strips built into cavity walls with the aim to holding the masonry together.

Over time, the constant impact of varying weather conditions in addition to general wear and tear can cause the wall ties to corrode, break down and eventually,  fail.  This is even more common for ties that are not galvanised (rust proof) or ties that are exposed and not unprotected.

As the ties corrode they can force joints in the wall apart, causing horizontal cracking, noticeable bulging and general structural weaknesses in the brickwork of your property.

Hampshire Repointing and Restoration have extensive experience conducting wall tie replacements which will restore the structural integrity of your property or building and prevent further damage.

Our team of experienced professionals are qualified to carry out this specialised task, and can identify the issue, remove the failed wall ties and replace them quickly and efficiently. Using the highest quality materials and methods, customer satisfaction, and restoring your property are our principle aims. See our latest wall tie work below and get in touch to see how we can help you.


Helical wall ties are work-hardened stainless steel wires that have been cold-rolled into a cruciform shape and then twisted. They are used to anchor the outer wall of a building to its inner structure and are available in different lengths to suit all cavity widths.


The helix-shaped stainless steel tie is driven into a small pilot hole to provide a mechanical connection that grips both the inner and outer layers of a cavity wall structure.  As it is driven the tie corkscrews into the bricks, its work-hardened helical fins undercutting the masonry to provide an expansion-free anchorage that will withstand tension and compression loads.  The continuous helix provides multiple drip points that prevents the passage of water across the tie.


Hampshire Repointing and Restoration offer wall tie replacement in Hampshire and surrounding areas and are experts in all aspects of brick and stone repair, cleaning and restoration. When conducting wall tie replacement in Hampshire and surrounding areas, we can help ensure the correct materials, methods and finishes are employed to restore the brickwork of your property back to its best.

Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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Our skilled team of decorators have many years of experience and a deep understanding of working on period properties and we offer a selection of period paint colours for you to choose from including Victorian paint colours, Georgian paint colours and Regency paint colours.

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