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Traditional lime mortar repointing and brick restoration specialists, covering Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

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 We know that one of the single biggest purchases you will ever make in your life, will be your home. Bricks and mortar. That’s why it is vital to protect this investment, by properly maintaining the structure of your property.

Brickwork can be tough and highly durable, and when properly maintained will keep you safe and dry for many, many years. However, this brickwork is constantly at the mercy of the elements. Wind, rain, ice, snow, and sun all impact on the brickwork and mortar, and over time this mortar that holds the bricks together can fail, which in turn can cause the actual bricks to begin to wear, corrode and crumble.

As soon as any cracks or holes appear, water can penetrate the structure. Ice will freeze any ingressed water, which later leads to the cracking and ‘blowing’ of the mortar. This exposes your property to potential damp, and further damage to your brickwork. At Hampshire Repointing and Restoration, we specialise in keeping your period brickwork in the best shape it can be, or restoring back to it’s former glory.

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  • Eastleigh
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Whether it is an  Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian or new build property, we take pride in restoring your brickwork to it’sformer glory.

Lime mortar repointing

We cover all aspects of both lime and cement mortar repointing, offering a variety of high quality finishes.

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Brick cleaning services

Do you have unwanted paint, render, cement, pebbledash, or just a dirty exterior? We can help

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Brick & stone repairs

We offer a full range of period repair services, including brick replacements, brick re-facings and masonry crack repairs. 

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Wall ties & crack repair

We offer a variety of professional wall tie replacement and masonry crack repair services.

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Masonry waterproofing

We are certified applicators of Storm Dry, an invisible, breathable masonry treatment.

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