Wall Ties and Masonry Crack Repairs in Hampshire

We conduct wall tie replacement and masonry crack repairs in Hampshire and the surrounding areas and offer expert masonry crack repair services. Whether your wall ties have corroded and broken down over time, or were incorrectly installed, we can help.





Wall Ties and Masonry Crack Repairs in Hampshire
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We specialise in providing an affordable, highly efficient wall tie replacement service that guarantees the continued structural integrity of your building. Our knowledgeable team is highly trained in all areas of wall tie repair and replacement, and ensure each service is carried out with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.


At Hampshire Repointing and Restoration, we undertake extensive surveys to determine the condition of your wall ties, as well as the best approach to carrying out our repair service. Our wall tie inspections are designed to establish a wide variety of factors, including:

  • Which type of tie has been used, for example, a wire butterfly, double triangle, vertical twist, etc.
  • The condition of the ties in relation to modern standards, especially where density and embedment are concerned.
  • The condition of the steel regarding the presence or absence of corrosion.


Following our inspections, we will provide you with a comprehensive report, containing unbiased recommendations of the necessary action according to the Building Research Establishment guidelines as laid out in Digest 401.

These guidelines take various factors into account and classifies wall ties according to their condition. Based on these classifications, our team will work to determine the appropriate action according to the BRE recommendations. These actions can range from immediate replacement to further inspection within five to ten years.


Our wall tie replacement techniques have been carefully developed during our years of operation to ensure we provide you with the best possible service without the need for demolition and reconstruction. We have extensive experience in carrying out wall tie replacements using several techniques, each based on a wide variety of factors. These factors include:

  • The design and strength of the inner and outer walls.
  • The need for fire resistance.
  • The strength and condition of the cavity.
  • The type of masonry.
  • The potential for differential movement between the walls.
  • The exposure of the property to sea spray and salted roads.
  • The resistance of axial loads. 


We take great care to use only the highest quality wall ties in all our services. Our team has extensive experience in working with a wide range of properties, and have honed their skills to deliver a world-class service using only the best products. We will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the condition of your walls, as well as which type of wall tie is best suited to your building. The wall ties we use in our replacement services include resin fix wall ties and helical wall ties.


Resin fix wall ties are ideal for residential properties with older, lower quality brickwork. This remedial wall tie system uses resin that acts as an adhesive to reliably connect and secure both leaves of a cavity wall together. Resin fix wall ties are quick to install, requiring no brick and block splitting, and are highly flexible to accommodate the natural movement of your building.


Helical wall ties are stainless steel helical ties used to stabilise and anchor the walls and facades of a building. Their unique design allows them to be easily inserted into a pre-drilled hole or embedded into mortar and provides a mechanical connection between the inner and outer walls. Helical wall ties are also extremely durable and work well in concrete and masonry, as well as wood and steel studs.



Regardless of the condition of your wall ties, Hampshire Repointing and Restoration have a range of services covering wall ties and masonry crack repairs in Hampshire and the surrounding areas and are experts in all aspects of period brick and stone repair, cleaning and restoration. When conducting wall tie replacement or masonry crack repairs in Hampshire and surrounding areas, we can help ensure the correct materials, methods and finishes are employed to restore the brickwork of your property back to its best.

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At Hampshire Repointing and Restoration, we offer an efficient, cost-effective crack stitching service that will leave your building in excellent condition. Our professional team can carry out a precise service to seamlessly repair any cracked masonry and brickwork, and ensure that your building is properly reinforced.

Our crack stitching service involves reconnecting and strengthening the masonry by grouting rods across any existing cracks, offering a simple, yet effective crack stitching solution. We take great care to carry out our crack stitching according to the highest possible standards, ensuring your walls are properly protected against any further cracking.

To find out how our team can help you repair any cracks in your masonry, or to get your affordable, transparent quote, get in touch with our team today.


A series of helical crack stitching bars are retrofitted into cracked walls to reconnect walls on either side of a fracture. The high-tensile stainless steel reinforcement bars are bonded into slots that extend 500mm either side of the crack to permanently strengthen the masonry and stabilise the structure within the cracked zone.

How does brick stitching work?
Helical reinforcement bars have a deep interlocking helix that provides an excellent bond when used with high strength polymer-modified grout to stitch brick and masonry walls. The bar and grout combination stitches across the cracks to hold the fractured wall together and to increase both the tensile and shear strength of the brickwork.

Helically twisted bars have a unique torsional yield characteristic that absorbs stress and disperses the load along a greater length of the wall. The bars accommodate normal thermal and moisture movement and provide great resilience to future cracking.

Exterior Redecoration

Once your brickwork has been cleaned, restored and/or repointed we offer an extensive decorating service to give your facade that extra-special finishing touch.

Our skilled team of decorators have many years of experience and a deep understanding of working on period properties and we offer a selection of period paint colours for you to choose from including Victorian paint colours, Georgian paint colours and Regency paint colours.

Speak to our team to learn more about our decorating services